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  noneSongs:  Uptempo / MOR (no audio)

Gibson J160E


  • Life In Stereo  (youth, freedom, summertime & radio in the 80's)
  • Shakin' Out the Blues  (highway travelin' country music)
  • Arebella  (a love song to a girl named...)
  • Let It Go  (living with too much stress?... just let it go!)
  • Suppoze2  (questioning the expectancy of long-term relationships)
  • Brand New Start  (one wink, one look... a new love interest)
  • Good Ol' Rock 'n' Roll  (an uplifting, crowd moving party song)
  • Don't Say It's Over  (losing at love - getting dumped)
  • Song On the Radio  (a long distance romance with a songwriter)

  Songs:  Ballads / Power Ballads (no audio)

Rickenbacker 325


  • Our Love Never Ends  (a universal anthem for love)
  • No Way Around It  (can't help falling in love again)
  • It's the Music  (homage to the transcendent power of music)
  • Turn It Around  (building a new life after losing a loved one)
  • To Know California  (a promo song for the great state of California)
  • The Whole Night Through  (a simple lullaby / love song)
  • If This Is Love  (mistrust and a relationship gone wrong)
  • I Do  (a ceremonial wedding song)
  • Blue, Grey and Gold  (Civil War reincarnation in waltz time)

  Music for Media:  Advertising / Television / Film (audio provided)

Gibson J160E



All music written & produced by Paul D. Kerry for Zooface Music.
All songs are "first use" titles (unless otherwise noted)

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All rights reserved



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